Real Estate

Our firm specializes in handling the entire spectrum of real estate transactions and provides our clients with a comprehensive coverage in all related areas, including rent agreements, sales and purchase agreements, lease and development agreements with the Israel Land Authority, real estate taxation, finance and mortgages (both for individuals and companies), registration of rights (Land Registry Office, Israel Lands Authority and housing companies), amendment and / or registration of condominiums, commercial and residential real estate, combination transactions, purchase groups, associations, planning and construction, betterment tax and development levies, construction irregularities, inappropriate use, fast tenant eviction proceedings, tenant protection laws, dissolution of partnership in real estate and more. More

Family Law

Our firm provides the clients with legal and personal support in everything related to family and personal status laws. We have the profound understanding of difficulties and dilemmas experienced by a couple in divorce proceedings on both emotional and legal level. We know that divorce proceedings in courts are long and emotionally and financially exhausting, and usually end up with a compromise that could have been reached at the beginning, saving time, money and emotional distress to the parties and their children. More


Our firm specializes in handling a wide range of traffic cases and provides the clients who have been charged with traffic offenses with a broad umbrella of protection. Our experience in this field enables us to protect the rights of our clients in the maximum possible manner while reducing the harm to the minimum required. More

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Our firm specializes in managing mediation and dispute resolution processes in all fields of law in general, and in the firm's areas of activity in particular. We believe that almost any dispute or argument can be resolved outside the courtroom in a time and money saving process that will bring a dispute to the best solution in the circumstances of the case, while maintaining a balance between the interests of the parties through effective communication and maximum understanding. More

Litigation - Court Representation

Our firm provides clients with litigation services in all areas of civil, commercial, public, administrative, traffic and personal status law. We offer our clients professional solutions, building a tailor-made strategy for each case, which we adjust and develop with the development of the court proceedings. More